Concept of VIEW

VIEW design performance.

VIEW has evolved into what it is today through aiming to develop original cutting edge swimming gear.

VIEW released the world’s first interchangeable prescription lens goggles in 1991, and also launched highly specialised children’s goggles in 1994. In 2004 VIEW released the first specialised women’s goggles in Japan, along with racing goggles with hugely reduced resistance. In 2016 we saw the release of beginner goggles designed for ease of use, toddler goggles for ages 3-5, and more.

All of these products have a highly functional design, created with innovation and precision to deliver the best performance.
Form and functional aesthetics born from functionality are paramount to VIEW’s design and concept. VIEW is determined to continue to developing original and high-precision products that meet our customer’s needs without compromise. Functionality always comes one step before design.

Function & Design
Our goggles bring unprecedented function and design through our user-orientated ideology.

Goggles are something that men, women, boys and girls all use. And inevitably, what they are looking for in goggles varies.

And with that, the following question arises. “What is it that women and children look for in a pair of goggles?” The idea to look at things for their perspective became an opportunity to provide new value.

Also, listening to what our users have to say has also been a huge indicator in product development. Because by getting closer to those who use our goggles, we are able to offer them the real value that they are looking for. This user-orientated thinking has led to unprecedented functions and design in our products.

High Quality control
VIEW is supported by a reliable production and logistic’s systems.

Tabata aims to maintain the highest quality and safety within a unified customer-orientated process throughout it’s planning, product development, quality control, manufacturing, testing, customer sales, and customer service. VIEW swimming goggles are manufactured at and shipped from our Ibaraki factory on the outskirts of Mito City (formerly Tabax).

Our Ibaraki factory is leading the way in this industry with an ISO 9001 rating, the international standard for quality assurance. Under modern automation, we manufacture swimming goggles, which boasts world-class production volume, based on internal quality standards exceeding JIS standard S7301. Order placement is made online, and product management is done using computer controlled automated warehouse. By collectively managing products, we have built a rapid and highly efficient logistics system. We supply Tabata products to more than 80 countries throughout the country via overseas retailers.

Behind the scenes story of developing

  • Vol.08


    Adding ‘enhancing eyes’ to the concept of ‘minimal marks after use’

  • Vol.07

    Blade ZERO

    Suppressing blur and reducing flow resistance to a minimum. Cutting even further the protruding surface area by 5% in the pursuit of extremely low resistance.

  • Vol.06


    Japan’s first secure and super soft silicone goggles

  • Vol.05


    ‘SHINARI Structure’ is a pair of goggles for competitive and master swimmers, can be likened to a part of the swimmers face.

  • Vol.04


    Is an adults size right for 10 years old and up? What do elementary and high school kids need from their goggles?

  • Vol.03


    First fun & easy to use goggles for toddlers in Japan

  • Vol.02


    ‘Look your best with these goggles on and off’ were designed just for women

  • Vol.01


    Swimming goggles with 47% reduced water resistance for athletes competing for even a tenth of a second advantage.