Behind the scenes story of developing Enzy

“Goggles for children and goggles for toddlers are not the same thing!”

It all began when I was taking a bath with my beloved daughter, a toddler at the time. She wanted to wear goggles and pretend to go diving in the bath just like her older sister who was an elementary school pupil at the time. When her sister plays in the bath wearing goggles, she of course wears the VIEW goggles for kids. of course, when the elementary school sister dives in a bath. As is to be expected, they were the wrong size, but she used them in an unexpected way.

However, when it came to playing in the outdoor pool in summer, she didn't want to use them. The size wasn't the only problem. There seemed to be something fundamentally different.
This is where the development staff demonstrated his real ability.

VIEW makes it possible!

In goggles for children, VIEW is confident that it will not be outdone by it’s competitors. The team was conscious of “making something proper for this girl." And so this project to develop "goggles for toddlers" began with both parental and proud overtones.

First, the development staff began an original investigation, using his own connections such as his own children, children of friends, locals, those who came to the company's swimming school and kindergarten etc. Later on he also analysed large-scale questionnaires and body composition data, thoroughly examining even piece of information about toddlers.
"I want my daughter to wear goggles that I have worked on”. The development staff’s real desire may be the reason why they were able to create such a good product.

"There are no products on the market that meet the needs of toddler’s goggles"

The planning meeting is the life line of VIEW product development. The development team continue to hold heated discussion on the topic.
“Will toddler’s goggles sell if we make them?” “Some people believe that it is best not to use goggles until you are used to the water.” "How old should you be to use goggles?" "What will make people buy them? Who makes the decision? and so on"

In this situation, the project has reached a definite conclusion.
While some people believe in “not using goggles under their children are used to the water”; others want to “alow their toddler’s to enjoy the water and playing in it without feeling anxiety or fear." Regardless of which category you fall into, there are toddlers who are using goggles, so we are trying to make the items safe for them as they familiarise themselves with water and enjoy swimming.

A hole for hair tied in a bun

“When we asked toddlers, they didn't mention this problem that I thought they would.” The development staff thought it over. And knowing his daughters well, he decided to investigate further. He tagged along to the pool with other guardians and toddlers, and had them "interpret" their child’s opinions. And he noticed the following above all else. Of course, a sharp eye for observation was also necessary.

A hole in the centre of the strap would allow children to put on their goggles by themselves more easily. The straps are made wide and thick so that they do not shift after wearing. However, he noticed that girls with their hair tied in a bun is common in this age group, and did not allow the wide strap to be counter-effective for such girls.

Sun Sea Go!

SunSea Go! and Enzy are not simply toys. They are both genuine goggles made with carefully especially for children.
And the motif of a fish on the frame of SunSeaGo! makes it more child friendly, helping to ease the tension when first encountering the sea or waves. The shapes and names were all decided with children in mind.

Well how are Enzy / SunSeqaGo! that have been developed this way finished off? Let’s take a look at them one by one.

No effort was sparing in creating a pair of goggles that my children and their friends wear / that I would want them to wear”. (See below)
If you are a parent of guardian, what did you think as you read this? VIEW's desire to “create with the end user in mind" comes across clearly.
And our interview team will never forget the development staff’s keen eye!

Easy to wear "Rakubi navy" strap

These easy to wear children's straps are made using pliable material that stretches with little force. Whats more, the thickness and width has been adjusted for each section, and allowing for a gentle fit with minimal pressure.

A name space that does not take away from the design

The name space is placed on the back of the strap to avoid loss. This positioning does not intrude on the design.

Simple length adjustment

Adjusting the length of the strap is very easy, and can be done by hooking a hole in the strap at your desired length.

Integrated structure for minimal water entry

The lens and face pad have been integrated to reduce movement of the face pad, creating a structure with minimal water entry.